What is a service bundle?
What am I getting into?

The way services rendered by a lawyer are priced is often a source of uncertainty and concern for any client wishing to consult us. Indeed, you sometimes consider that attorney’s fees may be too high for the type of services rendered or, even worse, that you have no visibility as to what will be the price you will have to pay at the end of the day. In order to put an end to such fears, and after a long period of Research & Development, Avoconseil has elaborated different Bundled Services for very specific topics and projects.
These bundled services all have the ambition to provide you with clearly defined legal services that truly meet your needs, with adapted rates that are, in most cases, known and determined in advance in accordance with our pricing policy giving priority to flat fees. Thus, with such bundled services, our objective is to offer you innovative legal solutions with an unbeatable “quality/price” and “responsiveness/price” ratio.

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