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What your lawyer can do for you


Do you want to start your own business or become a partner?

We provide you with advice and expertise to choose the structure adapted to your project and to organize the relations between partners

  • Together with you, we choose the legal structure best suited to your project and your personal situation
  • We take care of all the administrative formalities so you can concentrate on your business
  • We secure the different stages of your creation project
  • Our experience is at your service to draft “tailor-made” partnership agreements
  • We assist you in the day-to-day legal follow-up of your company, the preparation of general meetings, board of directors or follow-up committees, etc.
  • We act as a contact person in order to find solutions should conflicts between partners arise

Are you structuring your company, or do you want to divest your business?

We provide you with our expertise to support the development of your company, structure your group and prepare and carry out a successful transfer

  • We advise you every step of the way and ensure a permanent legal follow-up for your company and listen to you at all times
  • We structure your group of companies and set up tax and legal security agreements (management fee agreements, cash flow, etc.)
  • We negotiate and/or draw up your leases and ensure that your rights are protected
  • We carry out all exceptional operations (mergers, demergers, partial asset contributions, etc.) and operations involving share capital (reduction, increase, etc.)
  • We accompany you when investors or new operational partners enter the capital of your company
  • We secure acquisitions by auditing targets and participating in negotiations, working solely in your interests
  • We put our experience and legal technique at the service of transactions for the sale or acquisition of businesses or companies
Your team

The team is multidisciplinary, and we combine our skills
and experience because we have our clients’ best interests at heart.


Partner HR

+33 (0)2 41 23 11 09 contact

University PARIS IX Dauphine

Master’s in finance and Law

Master’s in international business

University of Paris II – Panthéon Assas

Master’s in business law

Admitted to the bar in 2000


Legal Practitioner

+33 (0)2 41 23 11 09 contact

Master II Business Law

corporate law specialization


Legal Practitioner

+33 (0)2 41 23 11 09 contact

Master II Business Law

corporate law specialization

Diploma in Corporate Legal Advice (DJCE)


Legal Assistant

+33 (0)2 41 23 11 09 contact


Legal Assistant

+33 (0)2 41 23 11 09 contact

You have questions. We are here to help you.

How can you help me with my business?

We offer you the benefit of over 20 years of experience as business law advisors and help you make the right decisions in order to move forward.
We listen to you and actively participate in strategic decision-making.
We alert you to the risks of the envisaged operations and give you the keys and solutions to avoid or circumvent such risks.
We offer you the expertise of our firm to secure all legal operations relating to your business.
We draw up the deeds and carry out all the formalities related to the major operations inherent to your business and the life of your company(ies) so that you can concentrate on the operational side.
Our firm keeps the records relating to the entire legal life of your company: your company is thus ready to be audited, controlled, divested, etc.

I wish to start my own company, alone or with others, how should I go about it?

It is important, from the onset, to think about how you are going to structure your business from a legal standpoint.  This involves choosing the right structure for your project, while taking into consideration your personal situation. We provide you with personalized advice, draw up articles of association that are perfectly adapted to your project but which can evolve and organize present and future relations between partners through a “tailor-made” partnership agreement.
We take care of all legal formalities so that you can start your business as soon as you decide to do so.

My business is growing, and I am now at the head of several companies, what can you do for me?

We advise you on how to choose a legal structure for a group of companies that aligns with your strategy, improves the way the different entities function, secures the commercial or financial relations between the different companies, allows you to find financial leverage effects, optimizes taxation, reduces fiscal or social risks and allows you to achieve economies of scale.

My company needs to be restructured. Can you help me with carrying out exceptional operations?

Of course! With the benefit of our experience, we can quickly understand the issues and problems involved with the operations that need to be carried out.

Merger, demerger, partial asset contribution, creation of preferred shares or issue of a bond, we bring you our expertise and experience in these highly technical operations. We will assist you with the different parties involved and draft the necessary complex legal documents and carry out the ensuing formalities within the agreed deadlines.

I wish to sell or acquire a business; how do I proceed?

Consult us from the very beginning of your project! We will provide you with useful advice to secure your negotiations, prepare the acquisition or transfer of lease rights, transfer of control, shares or stocks. We are your trusted advisors at all stages: auditing, negotiating, securing transactions and drafting legal acts formalizing your wishes in compliance with legal and regulatory provisions.

I wish to conclude or renew a lease for a piece of property I own. Can you help me?

We audit your current and future leases and alert you to the risks they may conceal. We draw up leases or other sublease agreements in compliance with legal and regulatory provisions but also with a view to safeguarding your sole interests.

I am in conflict with my business partner(s), what should I do to resolve the situation?

We advise you on the strategy to adopt and alert you to the risks involved. We negotiate and argue on your behalf, in a confidential manner, in your interest and according to your wishes, while providing you with our expertise and our point of view on the situation. We formalize agreements when a case can be amicably settled out of court, or prepare for the implementation of legal proceedings when necessary.