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Corporate Law

What your lawyer can do for you

The life of a company, in the development of its activities, is punctuated by events. It is important to receive help in order for you to fully measure the risks involved and have someone available for you, who knows you well, you and your company, and the world in which you are conducting your business, in order to advise you, alert you, represent you, defend you and implement what you really want in the best possible way.

Do you want to start your own business or become a partner?

We provide you with advice and expertise to choose the structure adapted to your project and to organize the relations between partners

  • Together with you, we choose the legal structure best suited to your project and your personal situation
  • We take care of all the administrative formalities so you can concentrate on your business
  • We secure the different stages of your creation project
  • Our experience is at your service to draft “tailor-made” partnership agreements
  • We assist you in the day-to-day legal follow-up of your company, the preparation of general meetings, board of directors or follow-up committees, etc.
  • We act as a contact person in order to find solutions should conflicts between partners arise

Are you structuring your company, or do you want to divest your business?

We provide you with our expertise to support the development of your company, structure your group and prepare and carry out a successful transfer

  • We advise you every step of the way and ensure a permanent legal follow-up for your company and listen to you at all times
  • We structure your group of companies and set up tax and legal security agreements (management fee agreements, cash flow, etc.)
  • We negotiate and/or draw up your leases and ensure that your rights are protected
  • We carry out all exceptional operations (mergers, demergers, partial asset contributions, etc.) and operations involving share capital (reduction, increase, etc.)
  • We accompany you when investors or new operational partners enter the capital of your company
  • We secure acquisitions by auditing targets and participating in negotiations, working solely in your interests
  • We put our experience and legal technique at the service of transactions for the sale or acquisition of businesses or companies
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