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Families and Estates

What your lawyer can do for you


You wish to separate? Are you worried about your personal and professional assets?

We advise you ahead of time in order to anticipate possible difficulties.

We assist you at all stages of your separation (common-law union, PACS, divorce), whether this separation is contentious or not.

  • We advise you in the context of a divorce by mutual consent (without a judge, between attorneys).
  • We are trained and experienced with collaborative law and mediation, and we help you find a peaceful solution.
  • We carry out an assessment of your assets (personal and professional).
  • We advise you on how to preserve and protect your professional life.
  • We assist you in matters relating to the exercise of parental authority, children’s residence (exclusive, alternating), alimony, schooling.
  • We will guide you towards the divorce procedure best suited to your situation, understanding the legal implications, but also the human and financial implications.
  • We advise, assist and represent you on the requests to be formulated in terms of compensatory allowance, contribution to the expenses of the marriage, separation of property, use of marital name, etc.
  • We assist you with the Civil-Law Notary (Notaire) for the liquidation of your matrimonial regime.
  • We assist and represent you at hearings before the Family Court judge having jurisdiction over the matter.

Your rights are challenged in the context of a family inheritance.

We help you defend your rights.

  • We can intervene amicably with the Civil-Law Notary (Notaire), but also with the parties concerned.
  • In the event of difficulties, we can take legal action and accompany you throughout this process.
Your team

The team is multidisciplinary, and we combine our skills
and experience because we have our clients’ best interests at heart.


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You have questions. We are here to help you.

How should I go about it and in what order?

It is important when the decision to separate is taken to quickly consult your advisor in order to make a global diagnosis of your personal situation (children, assets), and your professional situation (company).

How long will the procedure last?

When meeting with your family law attorney, your lawyer will advise you on the various procedures available to you. Well informed, you are free to choose the procedure best suited to your situation, whether it is amicable or contentious (divorce by mutual consent, accepted divorce, divorce for definitive alteration of the conjugal relationship).

How do I protect my business?

With on our experience in commercial matters, in corporate law and in tax law, we are ready to guide you towards solutions that will preserve your business while making sure it keeps on growing.

How much does a divorce cost?

The cost of the procedure will depend on whether you opt for an amicable procedure or a contentious procedure. Depending on the choice of procedure, we will be able to adapt the price in accordance with the needs of the procedure.
Before any intervention, a fee agreement is sent to the client following a personal and professional patrimonial assessment.

I heard about a way to get a divorce without a judge. Would that be possible in my case? Is it possible?

Trained in collaborative law but also in mediation, we can help you find solutions that will bring you peace of mind.
In partnership with your spouse and his or her counsel, we will draw up a divorce agreement with you, setting out the terms and conditions of your separation with regard to your children, your assets and your professional property.
The amicable divorce executed by an attorney (to which a notarial deed of liquidation will be attached in the case of undivided or common real estate) will be simply filed and recorded without going before a judge.