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Employment and Labor Law

What your lawyer can do for you

The quality of labor relations is a key issue when it comes to the economic life of a company. The French Employment and Labor Code, regularly amended, has more than 11,000 articles. Identifying, understanding, and implementing these provisions requires time and know-how, not to mention the risks involved in doing so. We will help you navigate all the subtleties involved in order to secure your company’s relationship with your employees, as much as possible.

Manage individual working relationships

Working relationships with an employee can raise a multitude of questions for which you may not always have a solution. We will address these questions for you!

  • We draft employment agreements that are understandable, targeted to your needs and that provide you with a useful and secure framework for your working relations.
  • We find legal solutions tailored to your operational organization: variable and target-based remuneration, mobility clause, provision and transfer of employment agreements, non-competition clause, etc.
  • We keep an eye on how the agreements should evolve and write amendments as the case may be.
  • We help you secure the exercise of your disciplinary authority by helping you choose the most suitable option (warning, demotion, suspension from work, etc.) and make sure proper procedures and adequate deadlines are strictly observed.
  • We manage with you the termination of an employment agreement: amicable termination, dismissal for misconduct, unfitness for work, economic reasons, etc.
  • In case of litigation, we work with you to develop the best strategy before the Labor Court.
  • We also defend your interests before the Social Security Court (URSSAF adjustment, contributions, concealed work, inexcusable conduct, work injury and occupational disease).
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Manage relations with employee representatives and the employee community

Make collective bargaining and social dialogue a development tool for your company.

  • Set up the Social and Economic Council (SEC) and define with you how it will operate.
  • Advise you in the management of the relations with your elected CSE representatives.
  • Draft for you tailor-made internal regulations.
  • We guide you in the negotiation of working time agreements adapted to your activity.
  • We work alongside in negotiations with your employees to reach an effective company agreement: profit-sharing, participation, gender equality, right to disconnection, annual negotiations, etc.
  • Prevent risks and potential disputes: health and safety, concealed work, obstruction, etc.
  • Anticipate and accompany the evolution of your company: transfers, divestitures, merger and acquisitions
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