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Tax Law

What your tax lawyer can do for you

The rules governing taxes are increasingly technical and are constantly changing.

Whether you are an individual or a company, taxation is never neutral and requires special attention.

You wish to know and anticipate the tax consequences of a transaction?

We help you choose the best solution for your project, from a fiscal and economic standpoint, and take care of your tax returns.


  • We prepare your tax documents for you (IS, VAT, CFE, etc.);
  • We carry out a tax audit of target companies in preparation for a takeover or restructuring project;
  • We draw up your tax consolidation agreements and consider the consequences attached to exiting a group of companies.


  • We assist you in the preparation of all your income tax returns (property income, BIC, BNC, etc.);
  • We help you determine an asset strategy adapted to your situation in order to consider passing on your assets while limiting the tax consequences attached to same;
  • We assist you in the management of your taxes on an international level.

Are you undergoing a tax audit?

We assist you at all stages of such procedure.

Before the issuance of a tax adjustment proposal

  • We assist you during an accounting audit or a review of your personal tax situation;
  • We make the most appropriate response to inquiries;
  • We make sure that tax authorities do not violate taxpayer’s rights and guarantees.

After receipt of a tax adjustment proposal

  • We analyze the adjustment proposal and prepare taxpayer’s submissions so as to challenge the proposed tax increases;
  • We negotiate free discounts on surcharges and payment deadlines with the tax authorities;
  • We assist you after the procedure (contentious complaint, proceedings before the Administrative Tribunal) when the administration’s response to your observations is not satisfactory;


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