Turning GDPR compliance
into a strength

Why are you impacted by the GDPR?

The European Regulation on the protection of personal data applies today to 99% of companies in the European Union. It affects any company that processes personal data within the EU or concerning EU nationals. A simple customer file or payroll file is sufficient. So you are most certainly affected.

Why comply with the GDPR?

Apart from the fact that it is today a legal obligation resting squarely on almost every company’s shoulders, the RGPD is today a civic duty. Respecting privacy by protecting the data of our citizens is a duty. The GDPR is also a great opportunity to become a truly trusted player in your respective sector of activity.

Why choose AVODATA®?

AVODATA® is first and foremost a panel of Avoconseil tools and expertise: 20 years of commitment to more than 5,000 players in the business world and above all the promise of an offer adapted to your needs. From audit to certification, our team is committed to helping you, with peace of mind, on your journey to GDPR compliance by providing you with adequate technical and legal solutions, affordable documentation and appropriate training. In addition, our technical partnerships are studied and carefully thought through so that you can choose the offer best suited to your needs.

Why you should stop waiting any longer?

Quite simply because you just found THE solution to all your problems and that the deadline for application of the Regulation has expired anyway. Indeed, you had to be compliant before May 25, 2018 so don’t put it off any longer and get up to speed quickly.

Give yourself the opportunity to receive help, enter into conformity!

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Why hesitate?

You will be welcomed by a young and dynamic team, with strong connections in the entrepreneurial world, and with the necessary training and experience you can rely on to guide you through all the legal and administrative steps you need to take.

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