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Does the GDPR apply to my business?

The GDPR applies to 99% of companies in the European Union. So, you have a 99% chance that the GDPR applies to you.  A simple customer contact or a simple pay slip is enough to expose you to GDPR’s prerogatives.

What’s in it for me? Why should I ask my lawyer to certify that I am “GDPR compliant”?

Our objective, with our Avodata certification, is to raise awareness and strengthen our clients’ reputation, so as to place them in the role of trusted economic players in their respective industries. This is true for B2B activities (search for GDPR Compliant subcontractors) as well as for B2C activities (search for Privacy Responsible companies).

I already have someone to manage my computer security. Can I do without this aspect of your proposed GDPR compliance process?

Absolutely. We recommend trusted technical partners, but we can also work with our clients’ technical partners or with an in-house technical team. Our offer is flexible and versatile, it is what makes its strength.

What will happen after May 25, 2018?

This is the date the RGPD enters into force. As of this date, the reporting system will no longer exist and you will be left to your own devices in terms of compliance with the rules relating to protection of personal data.
However, don’t worry, there will be a certain level of tolerance during the first few months, as long as you show good faith in your willingness to be compliant.

What should I do to be RGPD compliant? How long will this take?

GDPR compliance is an undertaking involving three main aspects: legal, technical, and human. These three aspects must coexist for your company to be truly compliant.
Then, the time it will take you to reach compliance depends on your organization and the nature of your activity.

Nevertheless, the applicable rules remain the same. This is why Avoconseil now offers, with its AVODATA offer,  compliance from start to finish, made possible thanks to legal remediation, technical partnerships and training and awareness modules for your human resources departments.

How much will it cost?

It all depends on your expectations, your activity, and your organization. We totally adapt our pricing, which is what makes our offer a really strong one. That being said, after our initial pre-audit of 1h30 (FREE), we are very quickly able to provide you with guidance to that end.

Can I receive help on certain specific topics without necessarily subscribing to your global AVODATA offer?

Of course, the goal of our AVODATA offer is to aim for your company’s full GDPR compliance.  However, we also offer more punctual services to address specific issues relating to personal data protection.
We have also set up a consulting and coaching platform for companies wishing to manage themselves, in-house, their own GDPR compliance.

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