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« My company is in trouble,
I'm having cash flow problems,
I don't know how to go about it. »

What can we do
for Anne ?

Should I file for bankruptcy?

It is important to first make a diagnosis of your company’s situation.

Is your company in a situation of default (cessation of payments)?

Once this diagnosis has been made, we help you choose the procedure or strategy to be implemented.

This month I will not be able to pay my employees!

A collective procedure such as a procedure of receivership or a court-ordered liquidation must be urgently considered.

My company is placed under receivership and under observation, I want to pay my creditors. How should I go about it?

Based on our experience, we can accompany you throughout the observation period and help you develop and monitor the implementation of a liability adjustment plan for your business.

My bank is threatening to stop allowing overdrafting. What can I do?

If you are not in a situation of default, we can conduct negotiations with your bank as part of an ad’hoc mandate or as part of a conciliation procedure.

If you are in a situation of default, we will choose together the most suitable procedure for you.

I just lost my biggest client! What can I do under the threat of such a loss of revenues?

If you are not yet in a situation of default but that you fear to encounter this situation very soon, a receivership procedure can be considered.

I have been on a liability adjustment plan for three years. Can I change this plan?

At any time, you can contact us to share with us the new challenges you are now facing or, on the contrary, your possibilities of early repayment.

Checking in on a regular basis with your attorney to discuss the health of your business will allow you to be more reactive and adaptable to your company’s situation.

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Firms in difficulty and Insolvency Law
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