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« I want to get paid.
I have unpaid bills,
my debtor no longer replies to me. »

What can we do
for Camille ?

My debtor does not respond to me anymore, how can I get back to him/her?

We can send a demand for payment within a specified period. This formal notice, drafted by a lawyer, is a real coercive measure.

I want to start a quick and inexpensive procedure, what should I do?

We can initiate a payment order procedure for you. This measure is simple and inexpensive. It will allow you to obtain a court decision. We follow its execution for you.

I’m afraid I won’t get paid before my debtor files for bankruptcy. How can I move fast?

We can initiate an emergency procedure by summoning the debtor before the President of the court having jurisdiction over the matter.  The decision will be enforced immediately against your debtor’s property.

I want to start a procedure, but I am afraid that my debtor will become insolvent, how can I protect myself from this?

We can allow you to freeze your debtor’s available funds prior to any legal proceedings in order to secure the payment of your debt at the time of obtaining the court decision.

My debtor is in collective proceedings, what should I do?

We can assist you with the declaration of claim, the claim, the continuation of your contract, examine the possible offsets of claims, etc.

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Debt Collection
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