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Why should you be concerned about legal issues from the very beginning of your business project?

Legal issues are often a neglected aspect when setting up a business. So as to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential to consider all problems that may present themselves when contemplating such a project. Disputes between business partners, intellectual property problems, non-compliance of contracts or general conditions; these are all examples frequently experienced by young entrepreneurs and can jeopardize their future businesses!

With AVOSTART-UP, our firm Avoconseil wants to make the law accessible to young entrepreneurs with an offer tailored to their needs.

AVOSTART-UP, more specifically

The AVOSTART-UP offer provides you with the support you need for your business project, whatever its stage of maturity may be and whatever your requirements may be. If you have an idea, our law firm is always here to help, with adapted offers covering all your legal needs, for all areas of the law: digital law, intellectual property, employment law, tax law, etc.

Our offer is bundled and complete, and is also totally flexible to your needs, tailored to your size, your project and your progress. In addition, we are aware that starting an entrepreneurial project is often complicated and can be expensive. We therefore offer payment facilities over a year to allow you to get the answers you need while keeping your budget under control.

The AVOSTART-UP offer believes in you and your project, as much as you do believe in yourself and in your project, and our dedicated team of lawyers is committed to working with you. This is why we also offer personal support and advice on the feasibility of your project and its legal viability.

Why choose Avoconseil?

Avoconseil is convinced that young entrepreneurs have a huge economic potential. Avoconseil knows and understands that it is today that we build the future.  This is the reason why we choose to believe in your projects.

Moreover, in addition to making sure you comply with legal requirements, AVOSTART-UP also puts you in contact with a network of business partners who will be able to help you on various aspects of your projects.  These business partners include banks, accounting firms, IT service providers, communication agencies and several other companies and institutions that can help you and provide you guidance in the development of your projects.

Get in touch, come and visit us! You will be welcomed by a young and dynamic team, with strong connections in the entrepreneurial world, and with the necessary training and experience you can rely on to optimize the launch of your start-up!

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Vous serez accueillis par une équipe jeune et dynamique, proche de l’environnement entrepreneurial, et ayant la formation et l’expérience nécessaires pour vous accompagner dans vos démarches juridiques et économiques.

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