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Go paperless: what are the legal issues?

The dematerialization of documents is a current phenomenon affecting companies and administrations as well as private individuals. All types of documents are potentially targeted: contracts, invoices, quotations, pay slips, car registration documentation, etc.

In France, dematerialization has recently been taken into account by the legislator, whose ambition, through various successive reforms, is to go paperless (“zero paper”).  However, applicable law remains extremely technical and, in some respects, unclear.

As a result, new questions are likely to be raised, at the forefront of which are two major legal issues:

  • What is the evidentiary value of a scanned document?
  • How to ensure that a scanned document remains intact, traceable and properly stored?

Electronic signature and archiving: what's the point?

E-signature and electronic archiving are central elements in the resolution of the two above-mentioned problems: electronic signature ensures, depending on its qualification, a more or less probative value for a digital document, whereas electronic archiving is supposed to secure the conservation of a scanned document.

That being said, these two tools, namely e-signature and e-archiving, remain subject to the application of a plurality of highly technical, sometimes obscure regulations and standards which require great vigilance in the way they are implemented: the combination of different texts (Law n°2000-230 of 13 March 2000, E-IDAS Regulation, RGPD, decree n°2016-1673 etc.) and applicable standards (NF Z 042-13, NF Z 042-26, ISO 27001 etc.) is not easy and is a source of legal uncertainty.

In addition, there are different types of electronic signatures that may have legal value and varying levels of security; likewise, obligations pertaining to archiving change according to the nature of each scanned document: for example, an invoice will have a different retention period and retention constraints than a payslip or an accounting document.

Why choose AVOSIGN®?

You are hesitant and don’t know what types of signatures and electronic archiving systems to use to ensure that your documents have proper legal value.You don’t know which technical service provider you should choose and you want to make sure that the one you retain is compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

AVOSIGN is THE SOLUTION which allows you to precisely determine the different types of signatures and electronic archiving systems to be used according to the legal nature of your documents to be dematerialized.

In order to do so, AVOSIGN offers you a legal audit that will certify, for each type of document and at a given point in time, that the electronic signature and archiving devices used by the technical service provider are valid.   

Thus, AVOSIGN will enable third parties to certify that the processes used for electronic signatures and archiving are compliant.

Get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer all your questions about electronic signatures and electronic archiving.

AVOSIGN will enable third parties to certify that the processes used for electronic signatures and archiving are compliant.

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Why hesitate?

You will be welcomed by a young and dynamic team, with strong connections in the entrepreneurial world, and with the necessary training and experience you can rely on to guide you through all the legal and administrative steps you need to take.

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