What is e-reputation?

As the Internet has become an essential means of communication, visibility on this network is essential for both individuals and companies. It is therefore essential to develop and organize our online presence, in the best possible way: this is what is commonly known as “managing one’s e-reputation.”

Obviously, in the case of negative information peddled against individuals or companies, the extent to which this can hurt one’s e-reputation is obvious and the damages in terms of image can be disastrous.

Applicable legislation now offers a solution through the enactment by the Court of Justice of the European Union, in 2014, of a right to be forgotten. This right allows European citizens to request the deletion of obsolete, excessive or inappropriate search engine results that are detrimental to their e-reputation. 

However, in reality, even if this right to be forgotten proves to be very successful, on average, Google only responds to one deletion request out of two.

Consequently, legal proceedings often prove to be the most efficient tool in order to effectively dereference web content that is detrimental to your image and reputation.

In this context, the law firm Avoconseil offers you an original service to optimize your e-reputation management: AVOREPUTATION


AVOREPUTATION is a unique and complete service combining legal expertise (lawyers, legal practitioners and bailiffs (huissiers)) and specific technical skills (communication agency, computer specialists, etc.) in order to quickly achieve the desired result: the deletion and/or dereferencing of content causing your prejudice.

AVOREPUTATION thus makes it possible to implement different services carried out by different providers, all essential and working towards the eradication of litigious contents, in particular:

– Finalization of an IT report carried out on a rush basis in partnership with a network of judicial officers (bailiffs). Such report makes it possible to evidence and characterize damages caused to your e-reputation

– Legal pre-qualification of facts and content in dispute carried out by the law firm

– Drafting by a law firm of legal correspondence notifying and requesting deletion to the editor and/or host

– If necessary, implementation of a technical dereferencing procedure by an IT service provider in order to “bury” the litigious content

– Optional implementation of a procedure allowing you to respond publicly to the facts or content at issue.

Depending on your needs, AVOREPUTATION also allows you to go further by initiating specific legal proceedings targeting the following objectives:

–  identify the author of the content (if a pseudonym is used or if the author remains anonymous)

initiate proceedings against the author of the content (actions for interim measures or on the merits) and possibly to obtain damages and/or a judgment entered against the opposing party

obtain a publication of the court decision (in case a judgment is entered against the author of the content)

What is covered by AVOREPUTATION?

The scope of AVOREPUTATION is broad and concerns the following infringements:

– Abuses of freedom of expression: defamation, libel, slander and disparagement on the Internet

– Unfair competition: 

Disparagement on the internet

Imitation of visual characteristics or content of a service

Degrading language against services/companies (writing bad reviews, slander, disparagement, etc.)

– Violations of your right to privacy and image:

Dissemination of false information or causing you damages


Identity Theft

– Infringement of intellectual property rights

Infringement on trademark rights: infringement on trademark rights

Infringement on  domain names: UDRP procedures

Copyright infringement on the internet: formal notice

Are you a victim of one of these infringements? Contact us! AVOREPUTATION’s team will be pleased to answer your questions and help you choose the most efficient offer to address  your needs.


Why hesitate?

You will be welcomed by a young and dynamic team, with strong connections in the entrepreneurial world, and with the necessary training and experience you can rely on to guide you through all the legal and administrative steps you need to take.

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